Transformation Guru Samia Bano

Using the principles she teaches, Transformation Guru Samia Bano has mastered the art of making change fun & easy! Samia is the founder and CEO of www.Academy Of It's a transformative educational institution dedicated to helping ChangeMakers create massive positive change in their lives & the world, using the best scientific research & the spiritual wisdom of our most effective ChangeMakers. Samia’s clients say they “feel protected”, are able to "connect to my passions in life" and experience a “deep sense of peace” as they work with her...

The Survivor to Thriver Show (Latest Episode)

Welcome to the Survivor to Thriver Show with your Transformation Guru Samia Bano.

We are launching a new campaign #HappinessTips4POTUS because we love for our POTUS (i.e. President Of The United States) what we love for ourself.

Our highest value is peace, particularly the kind of peace rooted in unconditional love for all.
That is what we want for ourself and that is what we want for you, and our POTUS.

So here is the very first Happiness Tip to help you take control of your inner peace and happiness.

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