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The Happiness 101 Training Will Help YOU ...

1. Master How You

Think, Feel & Act

Most people are stuck in an emotional roller-coaster & do not know how to escape it.

This training gives you the RIGHT KNOWLEDGE so you can be in control of your emotions!

2. Upgrade Your Skills

Knowledge without implementation is mere entertainment.

This training helps you learn & immediately implement the RIGHT SKILLS to live with ever-expanding happiness, abundance & success.

3. Optimize Your Environment

In a battle of our will vs. our environment, the environment always wins, at least in the long term.

This training plugs you into the RIGHT SYSTEMS to create & maintain the most positive & supportive environment so you can live your level 10 life.

4. Move Confidently In The Direction Of Your Dreams

Lack of clarity, fear & doubt keep people stuck in a rut.

Learn exactly how to break your chains of fear & become crystal clear on your next best steps for creating the massive positive change you desire in your life & the world.

Enroll In Happiness 101 Now To Get...

LIFETIME Access to the Happiness 101 Training Site 

Investment: $2000.00

Your happiness is the key to manifesting the abundance and success you desire with fun and ease.

Take control of your happiness now... don’t waste any more time trying to figure out the ‘how to’ part of it!

Just implement Samia's signature Follow Your Heart Process™ STEP-BY-STEP.

Weekly lessons (spread out over the course of 10 weeks to prevent overwhelm) will help you engage in simple and effective actions to experience an immediate and exponential increase in your happiness!


You Also Get These


*Special Bonuses guaranteed until 11:59pm tonight. We might take them down thereafter...

SPECIAL BONUS #1: The Ultimate Accountability System

Investment: $500.00

Have a tendency to procrastinate?

Often lose focus or motivation to achieve your goals and just give up on them?

Remember what you measure, improves!

This training gives you access to special tools and templates to help you accurately measure & track key performance indicators for taking control of your happiness.

SPECIAL BONUS # 2: Purpose 101 Training

Investment: $500.00

Don't have a clear & compelling life purpose or vision to pull you forward past your fears?

This online training will help you become crystal clear about your life purpose. You'll also create a concrete action plan for living your life purpose.

This will allow you to live with a sense of deep inner contentment & fulfillment.

SPECIAL BONUS # 3: Ruthless Compassion Coaching

Investment: $3000.00

(for three months access)

Want a cheerleader to lift you up and inspire you when you're feeling lack of hope?

Do you need to get your butt kicked (w/ ruthless compassion) when you don't feel like getting out of bed and doing what you need to do? 

REMEMBER: No book, No Internet site, No app will effectively do this for you. It takes a HUMAN BEING to help you at this level.

Join these weekly coaching and mentoring calls live to receive direct support from Transformation Guru, Samia Bano. Most clients are able to break through their challenges within just a few minutes of processing with Samia!

What some Happiness 101 Graduates are saying...


Linda Patel 

Mom, ChangeMaker & Graduate of the

Academy Of Thriving

"When I met Samia I was struggling to heal after leaving my abusive marriage. I didn’t feel confident...I was smiling to hide the pain still inside me. 

By the time I finished my training program with Samia I was sustaining a 10 on 10 on the happiness scale (10 being the happiest you can feel)!

I loved the experience!

Now I feel so much more confident, my self-esteem is so much better...I notice that I don't have negative thoughts coming in my head anymore and if they do I catch them right away...the tools are a part of me now..."

Dan Isidro

ChangeMaker & Graduate of the

Academy Of Thriving

As a current client, I am very drawn to how your sessions are

laser-focused on helping me overcome my current challenges…

I feel you are very nurturing and I always feel like you are there to sincerely help me.

Hila Parks

ChangeMaker & Graduate of the

Academy Of Thriving

"This has been one of the most valuable experiences of my life! And it's so good to have somebody like Samia... it's hard to put into words how this has affected my life, but I feel protected and very lucky to have been able to go through this experience.

It has been a great learning experience... it has reconnected me to my passions in life and I just really appreciate all of it.

And the best part is that it doesn't go away. 

It stays with you, and for that, I'm really grateful..."

A Word From Samia Bano, Your Happiness Expert...

"This training is designed based on cold, hard facts proven by scientific research in fields such as positive psychology and the spiritual wisdom of our most effective, happy & thriving ChangeMakers.

Don't put off creating more happiness, abundance & success in your life & the world.

Enroll in the Happiness 101 training now!”

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I look forward to "seeing" you soon!

To your happiness, abundance & success,

Samia Bano :)

P.S.  I encourage you to trust your gut and go with your instincts and enroll now.

I'm absolutely positive you will thank yourself later!