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About The Academy of Thriving

Whether you want to change your life or change the world...

Whether you’ve been on your ChangeMaker journey for a while, or you’re just starting out…

The Academy of Thriving is dedicated to helping YOU become the MOST EFFECTIVE ChangeMaker, such that you can:

Create change with love

• Experience ever-expanding inner peace, purpose & prosperity

• Make change fun & easy!

Here’s the truth:

Being in control of your happiness is the foundation on which your ability to be the most effective ChangeMaker rests.

Unfortunately, research shows only 1% of the world population is truly in control of their happiness.

To be truly in control of your happiness means you have the ability to choose to be happy regardless of circumstances. And it means that you’re able to create a life of ever expanding inner peace, purpose and prosperity for yourself and others.

Statistically, you’re most likely part of the 99%…

You feel stuck in an emotional roller coaster, out of control of your happiness.

You’re struggling to either find, or live in alignment with your life's meaning and purpose.

You find it hard and lonely to create change in your life and world.

You find yourself always craving more…

And worst of all, you doubt yourself, wondering if you are good enough, if you have enough… You are afraid that your dream to change the world and change your life may be just too unrealistic …

It’s so frustrating, isn’t it?

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Here's what some of our students have to say...


Graduate of the The Happiness 101 Class

“I feel so much more confident … my self-esteem is so much better … I notice that I don’t have negative words coming in my head anymore and if they do I catch them right away … the biggest part is that the tools are a part of me now … they are part of my lifestyle…”


Graduate of the Happiness 101 Class

"As a current client, I am very drawn to how your sessions are laser-focused on helping me overcome my current challenges…I feel you are very nurturing and I always feel like you are there to sincerely help me."

Sonia Moosani

Graduate of the Transformative Action Class

"This class has been by far the best. most fruitful, and most transformative class I have taken over the course of any and all academic education I have acquired in my life. Honestly, I don't want this education to end. What I am loving about the course is how it's giving my thoughts and knowledge, much-needed structure, and guiding me to transform my mindset, therefore my life, to the next best level. I'm thoroughly enjoying it!"

At the Academy Of Thriving, you will learn to take control of your happiness and make change fun and easy from ChangeMakers actually living this reality in their everyday lives!

You will learn the right knowledge, the right skills & the right systems the 1% use to make it fun and easy to change the world and change your life too!

The Right Knowledge

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”

— Thomas Jefferson

The right knowledge gives you the right mental attitude.

At the Academy of Thriving, you are assured of learning the right knowledge. Everything we teach is grounded in the best scientific research and the spiritual wisdom of our most effective ChangeMakers.

The Right Skills

“Knowledge is not skill. Knowledge plus ten thousand times is a skill.”

— Shinichi Suzuki

At the Academy Of Thriving, we understand the difference between knowledge and skills. So along with world-class training that gives you the right knowledge, we incorporate elements like accountability coaching in all our programs. This allows us to provide you with the support and accountability you need to actually practice what you’re learning and thereby also acquire the right skills to make change fun and easy now. 🙂

The Right Systems

“A bad system will beat a good person every time.”

— W. Edwards Deming

Having the right systems is the key to producing consistently excellent results.

At the Academy Of Thriving, we use and teach you systems that have been proven effective at helping you create massive positive change with fun and ease. 🙂

You will also find that every program we offer incorporates a holistic approach that enables you to move seamlessly from creating inner peace to world peace.

Meet your Happiness Expert, Samia Bano

Samia Bano is the Happiness Expert, author, speaker, podcaster & coach for coaches and healers. Samia is most known for her book, Make Change Fun and Easy and her podcast of the same name. With the help of her signature Follow Your Heart Process™, a unique combination of positive psychology and the spiritual wisdom of our most effective ChangeMakers, Samia helps you overcome limiting beliefs, your chains of fear, to develop a positive mindset and create the impact and income you desire with fun and ease…

Samia’s expertise are grounded in her academic training and hard-won life wisdom.

As a survivor of child sexual abuse, Samia began her quest for inner peace & positive change when she was merely 8 years old.

After more than 20 years of struggle, Samia successfully eliminated suffering from her life. And in 2012 she embarked on a mission to help others do the same as a coach, trainer and healer. Since then, Samia, by the Grace of God, has made a positive impact on 1000’s of lives through her work.

Samia’s advanced signature programs include the Happiness 101 Class and the Transformative Action Training.

Samia is also a Certified Reiki Healer and Crisis Counselor working to promote Mental Health Awareness.

Samia models heart centered leadership and business that is both socially responsible and environmentally friendly.

Samia is a practicing Muslim with an inter-spiritual approach. As someone who has a love and appreciation for diversity, she is a bridge-builder between people of different faiths and cultures.

Although Samia currently lives in California, USA, she has lived in 3 other countries and speaks Hindi, Urdu, and English fluently.


Because we’re committed to doing onto others what we would have them do onto us, all our programs come with a Peace of Mind Guarantee.

We know you’re going to love our programs. We’re so confident about the quality of our programs we’ll give you full access risk-free for 30 days. If you decide the course isn’t right for you, then you may request a full refund up to 30 days after your purchase.

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