Love Heals The Heart!
Samia Bano interviewed by Dr. Rani Thanacoody

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Episode captions as written by Dr. Rani:

Welcome to Episode 83 of the Amazing You Podcast!

In this episode, we explore a profound topic: "Love Heals the Heart." I'm your host, Dr Rani Thanacoody, and I'm thrilled to introduce our exceptional guest, Samia Bano.

Samia Bano is a multi-talented individual known as the Happiness Expert, Author, Speaker, Podcaster, and Coach for Coaches and Healers. She's most recognized for her book, "Make Change Fun and Easy," and her podcast of the same name.

With her signature Follow Your Heart Process™, which combines positive psychology and the spiritual wisdom of our most effective Change Makers, Samia empowers individuals to overcome limiting beliefs and break free from the chains of fear. She guides them in developing a positive mindset and creating the impact and income they desire, all with fun and ease.

Samia is not only a Happiness Expert but also a Certified Reiki Healer and Crisis Counsellor, dedicated to promoting Mental Health Awareness. She models heart-cantered leadership and socially responsible, environmentally friendly business practices.

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Now, let's join Samia Bano as we delve into the healing power of love and discover how it can mend the human heart.

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